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2014 Surveyor-General's International Fellowship in Surveying & Spatial Information

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2014 Surveyor-General's International Fellowship in Surveying & Spatial Information

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Australasian Surveying and Mapping Education Directory

The Australasian Surveying and Mapping Education Directory is a web site dedicated to providing an index to all surveying, cartography, GIS and related courses throughout Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea. The listings also include courses that support or have large components of surveying or mapping related units.



Cadetships to Diploma level in Surveying and Spatial Information have been introduced at TAFE Sydney Institute from 2nd Semester 2009. For more information about cadetships, look at the following links:

National Training Package qualifications currently available in New South Wales are:

A new qualification currently under development is the Diploma of Spatial Information Services (Survey Drafting).

The Certificate III is an introductory course to the industry that is provided as a part time course for one year. The Diploma courses are 2 years full time or 4 years part time. Students applying for the Diploma are required to have completed their Higher School Certificate.

For more information on the courses contact:


The University of Newcastle

Bachelor of Surveying

The Bachelor of Surveying is four-year degree program emphasising both urban engineering studies and cadastral surveying. The program recognises that graduates may be called on to act as survey practitioners, consultants, managers, teachers or researchers, and their careers may include several of these roles.

The first year of the degree is common with Civil Engineering and is similar to other Engineering specialisations, and includes mathematics, physics, engineering, surveying and computing. In later years, the program specialises into surveying with components such as geomechanics, survey law, GIS, remote sensing, hydrology, geodesy, computations , cadastral surveying, water engineering, GPS satellite positioning, photogrammetry, management, industrial surveying, town planning and land valuation.

The Bachelor of Surveying degree is recognised by the NSW Board of Surveying and Spatial Information as meeting requirements to be a candidate for registration as a Registered Surveyor in New South Wales. The degree is also recognised by the Institution of Surveyors Australia for admission as a member.

Bachelor of Surveying / Bachelor of Engineering (Civil) Combined Degree

This five-year combined degree offers students the opportunity to graduate with two highly marketable degrees. Entry to this program requires a minimum UAI of 90.

TAFE Credit

The University has established numerous formal credit arrangements, particularly with TAFE. These arrangements can be found at the University's website at

More Information

More information on Surveying at the University of Newcastle can be found at:


UNISS Scholarships

The University of Newcastle Industry Scholarship Scheme (UNISS) offers an integrated scholarship program that combines degree studies with industry experience, providing financial support throughout the degree and more importantly an accelerated start to a professional career. UNISS is a five year program involving the development of academic and industry-based skills. Scholarships are available in a number of degree programs including Surveying. The total value of the scholarship benefit ranges from $47,650 to $80,000 over the five years. Applications close on September 30 in the year prior to commencing study.

For further information on the UNISS, see the University's website at

Surveying Scholarships

The University offers a number of scholarships available only to commencing students in the Bachelor of Surveying and its combined degrees. These are:

These scholarships range from $1,000 to $4,000 per annum, for either one year or four years duration. There may be specific conditions related to each scholarship. Applications for all scholarships close on 31 March, in the first year of study.

In addition, there are numerous other scholarships which are available for all commencing students. For further information on these scholarships and the scholarships directly related to surveying see the University's website: and click on Scholarships.


University of New South Wales


Bachelor of Engineering (Surveying)

This four-year degree program is aimed at preparing the graduate for a broad range of career opportunities. The degree program covers general scientific principles with special emphasis on surveying and computing, as well as other specialised Surveying and Geospatial Engineering applications. Theoretical studies are complemented by practical exercises in the field and in the laboratory.

The degree covers the entire range of courses that make up the discipline of Surveying and Geospatial Engineering including land surveying, computer software applications and graphics, Geographical Information Systems (GIS), GPS satellite positioning, cadastral and engineering surveying, mapping, geodesy, land management, land development, photogrammetry and remote sensing.

The degree is recognised by the NSW Board of Surveying and Spatial Information as meeting requirements to be a candidate for registration as a Registered Surveyor in New South Wales. The degree is also recognised by the Surveying and Spatial Sciences Institute Australia, and the Institution of Engineers Australia for corporate member admission.

Combined Degrees

Bachelor of Engineering (Surveying/Computer Science)

This five-year combined degree is designed for students wishing to enter a career in Surveying and Geospatial Engineering specialising in surveying, GPS satellite positioning, spatial data handling for land and Geographical Information Systems, remote sensing, digital mapping and terrain analysis. Careers: computer system manufacturers; consulting companies; organisations with a major computing establishment; marketing of computer hardware and software for the spatial information industry.

Bachelor of Engineering (Surveying)/ Bachelor of Arts

This five-year combined degree provides students with an extremely broad education in social and behavioural sciences, languages and humanities, as well as specialised studies in Surveying and Geospatial Engineering. Careers: natural resource manager; cultural heritage specialist; archaeologist; urban planner; geographer.

Bachelor of Engineering (Surveying) / Bachelor of Commerce

This new five-year combined degree will provide professional qualifications in Surveying, Geospatial Engineering and commerce. It is suited to students who have interests in business and technology, and who wish to work with and manage teams of professionals. Careers: resource manager; project manager; Greenfields development and management.

For more details check:


Rural Scholarship

The Faculty of Engineering Rural Scholarships Program is designed to assist students living in rural or isolated areas to study at UNSW. Rural Scholars receive a tax-free scholarship of $8,500 per annum available for four years. Students with a ATAR of 91 may apply. Applications close around Sept 30.

Institution of Surveyors New South Wales Award

This Award is open to recent high school leavers who will be enrolling in their first year of full-time study in March 2014 in a Bachelor of Engineering in either Surveying or Geoinformation Systems. Applicants must be Australian citizens or permanent residents. Each applicant will be assessed on the basis of academic merit, personal qualities and financial need. Applications close 31 March.

Note: The Faculty of Engineering and the University offer a number of other scholarships. For more details check the following link:

Further information from the School of Civil & Environmental Engineering: